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How can I stop my dog eating the mail and other paper?

My dog loves eating paper. When we are out he'll climb onto window ledges and tables to eat paper. When the mail man comes he barks until we let him tothe front door. We have a metal mail guard which he'll bite and scratch even if we leave him for up to half an hour. I'm scared he'll hurt himself. He's usually the most docile and gentle of dog but when the mail comes through the door he'll start to growl and bark agressivly and has even tried to bite when I get between him and the mail.

Has anybody else had a similar experience? I really don't know how to help the situation!

How can I stop my dog eating the mail and other paper?microsoft live

you can buy a cage to go over the letter box -don't leave newspaper ect hanging around

How can I stop my dog eating the mail and other paper?microsoft internet explorer internet explorer

Put a box on the inside of the mail slot, so the dog can't get at it.

Crate him when you are not there, and when you are expecting the mailman.

Don't leave paper lying around.
Some dogs just like paper, not a clue why. We have a 8 year old lab who can't get enough, she eats kleenex, napkins, any paper she can get hold of. Sounds like your dog is obsessing over the mail, so you might want to get a bucket for it to fall into and remove it as soon as it comes through or close up the mail shoot and put a bucket outside the door with instructions to the mailperson to drop the mail into the bucket.
My daschund did this make a paper wad tape it up good give it to your dog thi made Frodo my daschund get bord of paper
If you find a 100% way to stop it, let me know because my cocker has a paper obsession too.

We have a mail slot where the mail comes in the house, and I had to train him not to go near the mail. He now stands on the carpet and barks at the mail, though.

The only thing we've found that helps a little, is if we catch him chewing on paper, we take it away, scold him and go put the paper up, then come back with a bone (one that he already has, not a new one) and put it in his mouth and pat him and say "good boy". We've been doing that for the past 2 months (since we got him) and slowly Im staring to see that when he goes for paper I will say his name in a warning tone and he will stop then go pick up a bone and chew on it.

He still chews on paper when we arent home, but the redircetion seems to be helping, even if it is slowly.

With the mail, you need to claim the mail box as yours, not his. When you go to get the mail, dont open it right away. get between your dog and the box and stand with your head up, and if he jumps on you or tries to move towards the box, step towards him and say firmly "No."

Once he calms down, make him sit and stay while you get the mail, and correct him if he moves or barks.

When you first start it, it might take him a while to get the message, but eventually he should automatically sit and wait patiently for you to get the mail without any fuss.

Good luck with it. I hope you get him out of the habit.
Sorry my dogs were never too crazy about papers... tell me something what kind of toys do you have for your dog? Do you have chew toys and dog chews like nylabone, rawhide etc for him. And how old is your dog?

Puppies thing flying paper is fun and will shed them for anxiety relief.

Take your dog for daily long his paper for a dog chew or a rawhide (be careful to monitor chewing because some dogs will swollow the last bit of the rawhide without chewing that can be a choking hazard)

Give him a treat for not rushing to the mailbox to "read" your mail. He also need training. That is helpful with behavioral problems like paper eating
Most dogs love to please their owners. If you let him know you are displeased,he will eventualy stop. After the dog stopes this behavior, quietly give praise. This praise will let the dog know you are pleased.

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