Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reverting back from Windows Media Player 11 to 10???

Is it possible to uninstall Windows Media Player 11 and revert back to Windows Media Player 10?

If I am sent e-mails that need to be seen through Media Player, I am not able to see them. This has only been happening since I accepted an update for Media Player 11.

Any answers would be welcome. Thanks..........

Reverting back from Windows Media Player 11 to 10???ds browser

the only this i can think is to do a restore/back date your computer

Reverting back from Windows Media Player 11 to 10???microsoft templates internet explorer

cant unless you know some one that has 10 and download it into a disc and update unto your computer
Go to Control Panel.

Select Add/remove programs

Select Windows Media Player

remove it


This will remove th latest updated version and bring back the old one.
You could try and run the uninstall and see if that works. I recently restored my OS and it had 10 on there. That is the only way I could get it to work. 11 sucks and I hate it. So now I am back to 10 and ignore every update. 11 puts so many limits that 10 did not. Hopefully you wont have to restore your OS, but that might be the easiest way.
Just go to the control panel and uninstall media player 11 and then restart your computer. It will automatically go back to the previous version.
go into the tools section of media player 11 and choose options..a page will appear with about 8 tabs on it. choose the file tab and make sure all boxes are marked.

it is probably that one of the file types that the e-mails are sent in isn't checked.thus you can't read them.
first thing. dont install any Microsoft s/w without a reivew fm frend or somebody. i hv suffered a lot fm this

and second abt Media player removal

go to control panel and open add or remove program

click on windows component

but i think it may remove all Media player

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