Sunday, November 29, 2009

I got mail from that i won prize. is it true mail or a spam mail?

i got mail frm tht i won prize through yahoo%26amp;window live award programme. Is it true or a fake spam mail. Please answer immediately. I m confused.

I got mail from that i won prize. is it true mail or a spam mail?internet explorer

Don't fall for all that. It's spamming mate! And why the hell would they give you a prize for first of all? Think of that too.... These are mails trying to advertise their financial companies and banks... Ignore them... even i get mails sayin that I won 1 Million Dollars but I dont give a damn!

I got mail from that i won prize. is it true mail or a spam mail?microsoft office internet explorer

it's spam. i got something similar 2 that 2day.
Absolutely spam
it is spam. the best thing to do would be to report it as spam.
my dear friend ,

i get similar emails almost every week . a few from Indonesia , UK and so on .

this is certainly spam and nothing else .

what these cunning people do is , they collect all kind of information and may hack your bank password or your email account . so better don't fall into their trap .

if all would be lucky then no one would be working and most of us would be sitting , waiting for an email which would inform them about winning a lottery ticket .

one can shine his / her luck by only working hard


so my friend , work hard , work with dedication , work honestly , sincerely and leave the rest to god .

i can assure you , you will surely win a biggest prize .

only hard work and determination can change one's fortune .

It is not a true e-mail. I got a e-mail two times that said that i won a free i-phone. (I live in America) It is selling in stores for 1 thousand dollars. Nobody would ust give away something big just like that.

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