Sunday, November 29, 2009

TREO 650 : How to make versamail as default mail client?

I bought a new Treo 650 for my personal use. I dont want to use goodlink or xpressmail. I want to make versamail as the default mail client, so that when I press the mail button, it brings my versamail in the window.

Does anyone know how to do that? You help is greatly appreciated.

TREO 650 : How to make versamail as default mail client?microsoft internet explorer

If you go into "preferences" on your Treo 650's "all" screen - and scroll down to "buttons" you can select the programs that you want to launch with the use of each button (except the phone button which is set and can only be changed via software like TakePhone, etc.)

Once you have selected "VersaMail" as the option under the "press button" column, you hit the "done" button in the lower left hand corner.

Now, you can press the mail button to launch VersaMail!

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