Friday, November 20, 2009

How do I get Windows back in my browser? HELP!?

I have a Dell XPS 410 computer running Vista (yeah, I know, but I have another one with XP). I use AT%26amp;T Yahoo! to get on line and as my home page. The way it was set up (partly Dell, partly me), I have an AT%26amp;T Yahoo! home page with a Windows browser overlay on the top and bottom. I use the overlay for navigating in the windows environment, like browser back, shut down, and such.

While I was on line, my cat (no I am not kidding) sat on my keyboard, and suddenly the windows portion of my page disappeared. I had no windows menu, no browser back %26amp; forward keys, no favorites. I couldn't even figure out how to reboot, so I used the power switch. When I restarted, I got the same truncated screen, and this is true for all e-mails we use.

Oh, and there was an info-line at one point that seemed to say java-script disabled. Of course, no suggested fix.

If you want to keep my cat from some serious time out in the dog (wouldn't want to say cat) house, please tell me how to fix this!

How do I get Windows back in my browser? HELP!?download ie

Maybe try a system restore. When you boot up and all them letters fill your screen you will need to press f8 or whatever you comp calls for. But you have to do it fast before it disappears. It should be in your book for your comp.

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