Friday, November 20, 2009

Since when Yahoo have started giving hundreds and thousands of money through e-mail?

I have received an e-mail from id yahoo consultants that I have won Yahoo window Award of hundreds and thousands of pounds. Since when yahoo has started spamming, scaming and cheating. If the email is genuine from yahoo, I shall be glad to have this much of money. Should yahoo not be alert on such scams using its name

Since when Yahoo have started giving hundreds and thousands of money through e-mail?microsoft frontpage

This is a SCAM. Check out the below link for confirmation of various lottery scams, including the famous Yahoo/MSN lottery scams and how to report them.

Unscrupulous thieves have sent you this email and they are trying to part you from your hard earned cash. They will often ask you to call a premium rate number and keep you holding on whilst you rack up a huge phone bill. They are then paid a large proportion of this phone bill. They may ask you to divulge personal information about yourself or ask for your bank or credit card details. Do not divulge any such information under any circumstances. It is surprising how many innocent victims have been duped by these types of emails. Just remember the thieves who send them are very clever and extremely convincing. I suggest you delete the email and send it into cyberspace, hopefully along with the thieving scumbags who send them.

Check out these sites for further information :

Since when Yahoo have started giving hundreds and thousands of money through e-mail?windows vista home premium internet explorer

its a con, do not give them your bank details
well i dint expect Yahoo to go so low to get publicity...that definitely proves my theory that Yahoo is losing popularity at a rapid pace....
Why not just Google Yahoo window Award and see what you get.Prepare to be disappointed.After you do it come back on and tell us what happened,should be interesting.
Well, its just a spam from someone. Dont give your address, bank account no., credit card no., or debit card no.

And report about this mail to Yahoo Customer Service at

Spam originating from a Yahoo! Mail account (i.e., gets special attention. If you receive spam sent from a Yahoo! Mail account, please forward an unedited copy of the message with full headers to Since spamming is expressly prohibited in Yahoo!'s Terms of Service, any account caught spamming will be cancelled.
Yahoo sadly cannot do anything about these scams. The messages come from computers which are taken over by hackers and used for this purpose. It is almost impossible to catch these people. The main thing is for us to be careful not to fall for their scams. Don't answer just delete them Good luck and be careful.

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