Friday, November 20, 2009

"Add e-mail contacts to category" doesn't work?

I'm still using the old Yahoo interface for e-mail.

I sent an e-mail to several contacts. After sending, Yahoo gave me a screen asking, if I am sending e-mails to that group often, whether I would like to create a category for that group of e-mail addresses. (I did.) At the bottom, it asks in which type of category I would like to save all the addresses. I checked the little box and selected "[New Category]" from the drop-down box. A new, small window/box appeared. It was blank, and I typed in the name for the new category and clicked "Add New Contacts." (The only other option was "Cancel.")

It takes me back to the Inbox. So, I click on Addresses %26gt; Categories %26gt; and . . . NOTHING! No new category for the e-mails that Yahoo just asked me to save in a category.

Apparently, I didn't do what Yahoo wanted. Any suggestions about what Yahoo wanted me to do? Or, is this just a lousy glitch?

"Add e-mail contacts to category" doesn't work?windows 95

I think you may have established a category----but with no names inserted. Do this---on mail page click on the tab "addresses" and your A-book opens. At the top--see the tab "add to category" ?? Put a check by one contact name, and then click the tab "add to category". In the drop down---do you see the category name you previously typed in ?

IF SO----

click on it and the contact is added to that category. Add the other contacts (in mass) the same way.

IF NOT-----

don't see the name in the drop down ? Then earlier attempt failed----so----click on "new" (in drop down)----name it---click "ok" or "add contact" (whichever)-----and category is established with one contact in it. Back to the A-book and add the other contacts to it .

All you have to do now is enter the (category) name on the TO line and Yahoo does the rest.

In the left panel of your A-book--under "categories" you will find the names of all of your categories------also, the list is at the top of your mailing list,---- which is located (after clicking on the word TO) in the composing area.

Good luck---hope this helps you.

"Add e-mail contacts to category" doesn't work?download ie internet explorerThe page says, "Do you want to add these addresses to a Category?" Can't click on the addresses because they're already in A-book. Still, separate category would be nice. I go through the motions. Nothing. Waste of my time. Report It

Yahoo CATEGORIES does not work!! Absolutely agree. Mine does the same thing too. Report It

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