Friday, November 20, 2009

I can't get in my mail yahoo but I can in my account?

I've got the Yahoo mail Beta and a error had happened. I was sending a message and my window have closed when it was being send. Since then I can get in my account of Yahoo but the email can't be loaded. It says that can't reach the page:

"Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"

I've tried with the internet explorer and same erros happens.

Better, all features that are from Yahoo Mail Beta I really can't get it.

I can't get in my mail yahoo but I can in my account?windows media player

Yahoo is experiencing some kind of problem maybe daylight saving.

Try this; it worked for me:

I can't get in my mail yahoo but I can in my account?windows live messenger internet explorer

The server is down use the link the first person gave you! Good Luck!!
I also can't access yahoo...same problem..thanks THEGURU this link works ...but no properly..many images and messages are not displayed.
Looks like the link "" is the only way to get to mail right now for me too. No attachments at this link, but you can get to the text of your messages. I am betting Yahoo Mail Beta daylight savings time glitch is the root of the problem too.
DONT SWITCH TO BETA IT HAS TOO MANY PROBLEMS STILL!!! most of us have better things to do than be yahoos Guinea pigs!!!

If you already switched then.... as soon as possible

Log in to your Yahoo!Mail account. Up at the top, you will see a link that says "Switch Back". Click it. : )

im not having any problems now that ive switched back to the old version

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