Friday, November 20, 2009

Windows Live(TM) Hotmail ??

Hey all. I am opening my hotmail id after some time to see that it has changed from hotmail to some Live hotmail. I know it has not been over 30 days since last activation, otherwise it would have first asked for 'Accepting' or 'Declining' the Terms %26amp; Conditions..... Moreover its empty ! I am no longer having my old mails. I have lost them all and my Inbox is 0. I hate the changed look. I know i never opted for that look. Can anyone tell me what happened? Why changed and where are my mails ? and one more thing, if you open hotmail page, it says MSN hotmail is changing to Windows Live(TM) Hotmail. Is that going to be even if you dont want ? Take care all.

Windows Live(TM) Hotmail ??microsoft visual studio

There was a disclaimer sent to users saying that the platform would be changed to Live. It also stated because of database difficuty, emails could possibly be deleted during the change. There is no going back to the old version.

Windows Live(TM) Hotmail ??ie internet explorer

If you have Windows Live Hotmail just go to "Options" then "More Options" at the bottom and you can revert back to Msn Hotmail. Nothing could be more easy......Personally, I quite like the new Hotmail.

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